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Top Artificial Intelligence Jobs to Apply in April 2021 – Analytics Insight

Apply for the top artificial intelligence jobs to get onboard at top companies
Artificial intelligence is considered the future technology. It is already making a significant impact on modern enterprises. AI has sparked several innovations and brought digital disruption to diverse industries. It has also changed the jobs market forever. As more and more companies leverage this technology, AI has become the most in-demand skills to land a job in an organization, regardless of industry. According to Analytics Insight, open artificial intelligence jobs are forecast to grow at a CAGR of 31.6% to reach a total of 1,928,658 jobs in 2023, up from 489,393 in 2018.
The average salary of an artificial intelligence professional in India is INR 5,10,617, according to Glassdoor. Here’s a look at the top artificial intelligence jobs to apply for in April 2021.

Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited
Job role: Research Engineer: Deep Learning & Collective Intelligence
Location: Bangalore
Job Description:
As a Lead Research Engineer at Siemens, the ideal candidate will require to move beyond theoretical models and build innovative, practical, and robust real-world solutions for Computer Vision-based applications in smart mobility, intelligent infrastructure, and autonomous systems. The candidate also needs to develop strategic concepts and engage in technical business development to address new markets with the company’s business units, using video-analytics based technologies.

Have a PhD/Master’s degree in Computer Science and grass-root experience of at least 4 years in solving complex problems and driving actionable insights.
Hands-on experience working on Image processing, Computer vision and Video Analytics problems with a clear understanding and ability to implement algorithms.
Solid hands-on experience in training deep convolutional and/or recurrent networks using frameworks like Tensorflow, Caffe and PyTorch as well as OpenCV and OpenGL.
Closely follow the latest developments in artificial intelligence and be an early adopter of disruptive trends/technologies and more.

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Job role: R&D Engineer, I
Location: Hyderabad
Job Description:
Synopsys is looking for an R&D engineer in the ProtoCompiler R&D team in Hyderabad. The candidate will be responsible for designing, developing, troubleshooting, debugging and maintaining large and efficient software systems for partitioning, logic, timing optimization, technology mapping steps of the FPGA prototyping software. He/she would be expected to be given a requirement or functional specification, design and implement efficient data structures and algorithms in C/C++. The candidate will work with the AE team in test planning, execution and customer support, and maintain and support existing product and features.

Tech./M. Tech in CS/EE from a reputed institute.
Sound knowledge in data structures, graph algorithms and C/C++ programming on Windows/Unix.
Familiarity in digital logic design.
Familiarity with Verilog/VHDL RTL level designs.
Working knowledge of FPGA prototyping tools and flows is a plus.

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Job role: Developer AI-ML/Python
Location: Pune
Job Description:
As an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Developer, the candidate’s primary focus would be to use the already available data, find patterns in them and come up with Cognitive solutions which would help application users. He/she also requires to develop a digital solution to capture the top risk inventory, build reporting and monitoring capabilities for further integration of top risks and material risks. The candidate needs to analyze the ML algorithms that could be used to solve a given problem and ranking them by their success probability.

Proficiency with traditional ML models – classification & regression as well as a DL framework such as TensorFlow or Keras.
Proficiency with Python and basic libraries for machine learning such as scikit-learn and pandas.
Expertise in visualizing and manipulating big datasets, and familiarity with Linux
Proficiency with OpenCV & PDFMiner.
Exposure to semantic and contextual searching.
Exposure to Elastic-search, document and graph database and knowledge on the flask, Django are beneficial.

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Job role: Software Engineer – AI/ML Development
Location: Bangalore
Job Description:
The ideal candidate for this position will help develop Aptiv’s next-gen products, infrastructure and supporting tools for web-based ML/AI-focused systems. He/she will create AI-focused systems and develop and manage web-based applications using Angular, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch. They also require to benchmark and develop prototypes for the proof-of-concept phase. The candidate will develop and apply tools and methods enabling related activities and establish interdisciplinary communication with experts and system developers.

PhD or master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field
Software specialist with a proven background in software development having AI/ML applications.
Experience with ML platform/ecosystem: Tensorflow, Pytorch, TFLite, TVM, etc.
Experience with web development, especially Angular, Kubernetes & Elasticsearch, as well as cloud services like AWS, Azure VMs, etc., and more.

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Job role: R&D Engineer
Location: Pune
Job Description:
The candidate will be responsible for developing state of the art and robust Automation Framework in game testing. He/she requires to create robust automated scripts ranging from simple to complex scenarios. They work closely with the Production team, Developers, Tools Group and Test teams to understand game architecture, gameplay and thereby develop automation solution for speedy and quality delivery of games.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.
Minimum 6 years of in-depth experience in programming languages.
Having a strong conceptual understanding and hands-on coding expertise in one or more of the following: C++ or C#.
Should have developed a robust automation framework and automation scripts.
Should have a strong understanding and hands-on experience in API automation, and hands-on implementation experience of CI/CD using tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.
Strong debugging and troubleshooting abilities, and more.

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