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Artificial Intelligence, robotics new heights in healthcare – Daily Pioneer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are used in transforming the world of the health industry and also offer an awesome strategy with much care. It puts the customers in control of the health and also the well-being.

In addition to this, the increasing popularity of AIincreases the ability to form such patterns that can treat people withthe right objective.Concept of staying healthy:Through the use of AI, guidance, and support, the concept of staying healthy is rightly maintained.

AI and the use of robotics in the health care sector are gaining in popularity with the latest trends in studies and concepts. When it is about discussing cognitive and surgical robotics, one needs to talk about the robotics that can collect the data from the real approach which are existing for surgical approaches.

Importance of AI:

You must be thinking about what is the real importance of AI? In complex world of healthcare, AI tools and equipment are analyzed withthe right data and then are redirected to working schedules with patterns. Identification of trends and also genetic information help in predisposing of particular disease! Feedback, guidance, and support help in treating and understanding workload with ease.

Contribution to health sector:

While talking about the AI’s contribution in the health sector, things are rightly processed with ease. With the tools of AI, the data are rightly triggered with the best healthcare system to set mind with the automation and predict the process with ease. Working at the ICU transfers and improves the clinical workflows that can easily pinpoint the patient’s risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Use of Robotics and AI:

The world of medicine also refers to the use of robotics. The relieving of the medical personnel available offers outlines with safer and less responsible activities. The people can take help of the AI and then help in performing accurate surgery with tiny places transporting dangerous substances.

The IIT Madras is known to build India’s 1st spine surgery robot. This uses the conventional and image-guided system of robotics necessary for operation. Creates affordability with professional terms AI helps in creating affordable and less painful surgery with the robotics system. Popular gadgets include laptops, tablets and also mobile specifications and features.

 AI and healthcare sectors offer technology applications and apps. A healthy lifestyle with day-to-day patterns is truly taken care of. The affordability and the professional charges are rightly the same as per requisites of the sector. Potential benefits of health sector: There are the biggest potential benefits that help in staying healthy and doctor-related matters are solved by providing feedback, guidance supporting the health of all. 

Case studies:

Let’s read through these case studies to ensure the right applicationof the medical robots that make difference in healthcare.The Da Vinci Surgical Robot: It might sound unthinkable but more than2,60,000 people lose their lives each day due to a series of medical errors.

A broad category encompasses a wide range of problems that are rightly solved by a multi-armed surgical wonder robot coined as Da Vinci surgical system that might sound less invasive and save lives of the patients.

They are precisely controlled with larger strap and heal the time of the patients. Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot: This is another wonder that can minimize the surgical and medical errors truly emphasizing the infection that can spread the problem in healthcare improving the robots and the working conditions.

 CDC reports play a great role in understanding the issues through time constraints.

Xenex is simply a state-of-the-art system which can combat the elemental problem that is pulsed with full spectrum in UV rays killing wide range of infectious bacteria and microorganisms.

PARO Therapeutic robot:

PARO is known for its extensive uses that can lead elderly patients with the best dementia which proves to reducethe stress. A friendly animal like PARO fits the bill. This relies onanimal therapy that easily eases the stress of the patients satisfying the current needs.


Cyberknife robotic surgery system delivers about the right radiation therapy that can lead to treat tumor with expert skills and terms. It is allowed for the treatment of tumors that can treat the surgical and complex operation of the prostrate, head, neck and liver.

 It sounds non-invasive and minimizes the exposure of the healthy organs along with the tissues to the radiation. Remarkably the long term surgeries are treated critically with care with the use of these surgeries.


TUG is another effectively dragged surgery that can estimate the efficiency of the surgerical cases. The autonomous mobile robot is developed by Aethon Inc. With variety of sensors it ensures the way to the lab that kindly asks people standing aside moving into congested hallways. The world of medical science is developing quite technically and reaching to new heights.

(The writer is in final year, MBBS, IMS & SUM Hospital)