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How To Get Hired as a Machine Learning Intern at SoundHound? – Analytics Insight

SoundHound is hiring ML interns to join the core speech technology team
This year has been welcoming to machine learning technology as companies are investing a lot into it. Machine learning engineering is one of the most sought-after job positions in the current scenario. Linkedin lists artificial intelligence practitioners in its Top 15 jobs in demand in the 2021 list, in which machine learning engineers and researchers are in high demand. Machine learning interns are also in demand. According to Economic Times, an Internshala report on major skills students desired to learn highlighted that machine learning and ethical learning were popular among students.
SoundHound is an audio and speech recognition company based in the United States. The company enables brands to develop customized voice assistants by leveraging Houndify, an independent voice AI platform. Launched in 2005, SoundHound has been efficiently developing voice AI solutions to enable a voice-first world. The company’s products use speech recognition and voice AI technologies to enable humans to interact with machines as they do with other people.
SoundHound is currently looking for machine learning interns to join its core speech technology teams. The machine learning internship is paid and for a duration of 10 weeks. The position demands that the applicant is located in the United States during the period of internship.

What Skills Do You Need?

Someone who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science or in related disciplines.
A candidate who can write clean and efficient Java, C++, or Python code
A good understanding of machine learning algorithms and algorithms in general.
Ability to comfortably communicate questions and ideas while solving problems.
Experience in building production systems based on machine learning lifecycle is a great add-on.
Knowledge and experience in applying Deep Neural Network methods to Natural Language Processing problems would be helpful in the internship program.
Familiarity with MapReduce or Spark is considered a positive skill.
Applicants should mention clearly if they are familiar with statistical language modeling and speech recognition technology.

What Will You Do as A Machine Learning Intern?

Work on building statistical language models, which is critical in developing speech recognition technology.
Work on improving statistical language models by tuning parameters and running experiments on them.
Find new methods, algorithms, and build prototypes to improve these statistical language models.
Explore novel methods and techniques to improve and create prototypes and contribute winning ideas in the production and development.

SoundHound acknowledges that they will collect and process specific personal, educational, and professional information relating to the job applicants. The company promises to secure this data with utmost care to ensure that the data is not lost, misused, leaked, or accessed by any external entity.
The company has been actively providing voices to many brands through innovating and customizing conversational technologies and voice AI. Through this machine learning internship, SoundHound extends an opportunity to talented candidates seeking hands-on experience in machine learning engineering, natural language processing, and developing voice and speech recognition technology. Anybody interested and with the abovementioned skillset can apply to the position before it gets filled up.

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