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Tredence’s all new ML works is set to spark AI Innovations and Value Realisations – Analytics Insight

Tredence’s all new ML works is set to spark AI Innovations and Value Realisations

Tredence is one of the most renowned and leading artificial intelligence services company that now has launched machine learning operations platforms with an aim to facilitate researchers, data scientists and engineers. Labelling it as a state-of-the-art platform, this launch is aimed towards the community of data scientists, analysts, and engineers who have devoted themselves to AI and big data, to offer them free access to ML works.
Most scientists and analysts, who indulge themselves into deep researches on machine learning to discover the many offerings of it, lag behind because of inaccessibility of resources that limit their knowledge and research work and the scope on a whole.
Soumendra Mohanty, COO, CEO, and Chief Innovation Officer of Tredence believes that the real value of Artificial intelligence (AI) is realised when machine learning models are implemented in the process of machine learning modelling. For this reason alone, an easy access to ML works is of utmost importance so that enterprises can properly channelise their machine learning investments.
With ML works entering into the picture, data scientists can now relax and not rake their brains about monitoring and managing in productions of machine learning models because ML works has been designed to deal with the same. It comes with a feature of data drift analysis that continuously monitors production model accuracy, custom metrics and AI that’s explainable. The explainable AI is articulated in a simplistic manner to make it comprehensible for non-technical users.
Tredence studio has its unwavered focus on business enterprises and continues to work on crafting fresh ideas and features on AI driven accelerators enabling it’s clients to cope up with market shifts and devise out solutions that are efficacious.

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