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  • April 25, 2021
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Thanks to advanced technology, consumers can now access, spend, and invest their money in safer ways. Lenders looking to win new business should apply technology to make processes faster and more efficient. 

Artificial intelligence has transformed the way we handle money by giving the financial industry a smarter, more convenient way to meet customer demands. 

Machine learning helps financial institutions develop systems that improve user experiences by adjusting parameters automatically. It’s become easier to handle the extensive amount of data related to daily financial transactions.

Machine learning and AI are changing how the financial industry does business in these ways:

Fraud Detection

The need to enhance fraud detection and cybersecurity is no longer an option. People pay bills, transfer money, trade stocks, and deposit checks through smartphone applications or online accounts.

Many businesses store their information online, increasing the risk of security breaches. Fraud is a major concern for companies that offer financial services–including banks–which lose billions of dollars yearly.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies improve online finance security by scanning data and identifying unique activities. They then highlight these activities for further investigation. This technology can also prevent credential stuffing and credit application fraud. 

Cognito is a cyber-threat detection and hunting software impacting the financial space positively. It’s built by a company called Vectra. Besides detecting threats automatically, it can expose hidden attackers that target financial institutions and also pinpoint compromised information.

Making Credit Decisions

Having good credit can help you rent an apartment of your choice, land a great job, and explore different financing options. Now more than ever, many things depend on your credit history, even taking loans and credit cards. 

Lenders and banks now use artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions. They use AI to accurately assess borrowers, simplifying the underwriting process. This helps save time and financial resources that would have been spent on humans. 

Data–such as income, age, and credit behavior–can be used to determine if customers qualify for loans or insurance. Machine learning accurately calculates credit scores using several factors, making loan approval quick and easy.

AI software like ZestFinance can help you to easily find online lenders, all you do is type “title loans near me.” Its automated machine learning platform (ZAML) works with companies to assess borrowers without credit history and little to no credit information. The transparent platform helps lenders to better evaluate borrowers who are considered high risk.

Algorithmic Trading

Many businesses depend on accurate forecasts for their continued existence. In the finance industry, time is money. Financial markets are now using machine learning to develop faster, more exact mathematical models. These are better at identifying risks, showing trends, and providing advanced information in real time.

Financial institutions and hedge fund managers are applying artificial intelligence in quantitative or algorithmic trading. This trading captures patterns from large data sets to identify factors that may cause security prices to rise or fall, making trading strategic. 

Tools like Kavout combine quantitative analysis with machine learning to simultaneously process large, complex, unstructured data faster and more efficiently. The Kai Score ranks stocks using AI to generate numbers. A higher Kai Score means the stock is likely to outperform the market.

Online lenders and other financial institutions can now streamline processes thanks to faster, more efficient tools. Consumers no longer have to worry about unnecessary delays and the safety of their transactions.

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