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  • May 4, 2021
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Many studies post-Covid across industries have revealed how automation is becoming important for business processes. This is mostly true for sales. A study by Forrester revealed that the industry will require increasingly more automation in the business to business segments of industries. About 66% of the executives surveyed echoed this notion.

Intel means Business
Certainly, with recent updates it seems, Jake Tatel, the Global Director of sales enablement and productivity at Intel is one of those executives, who believes in the power of AI to increase sales. Tatel’s team has been working on Artificial Intelligence system to improve sales for over five years. Their strategy involves mining data from prospects websites and social media accounts and putting it in an algorithm which overlays this on customers’ buying patterns, providing the team with real-time insights.

Sales Assist and Sales AI

Sales Assist is a program used to generate insights based on the sales data generated by the company, which allows the company staff to make sense of the wide array of data generated. It is being used by 1500 staff members across Intel, and has provided over 17000 assists.
Sales AI however, is a much larger ecosystem under which all of Intel’s sales systems work. The system mines data from a varied range of sources on customers and users, including news sites, social media and other links. The system makes product recommendations to the staff along with feeding into Sales Assist, allowing it to spot customer requirements at the most opportune moments. Overall, this system has been able to create significant efficiency and generated value within the company. But these have led to a bigger question?

Can an AI-based sales system operate autonomously?
Apparently, at Intel it does! The company has created an application called Autonomous Sales. The application is able to autonomously create sales moves directed at potential customers through website ads, emails, newsletters etc. The Autonomous Sales platform covers all customers and partners, without any external human intervention, creating a great customized customer engagement possibility.
Tatel, adds that their team is increasingly looking at greater innovations to their systems, to make their sales more effective through Artificial Intelligence.  For observers of the industry, it is a call to look at the use of Artificial Intelligence for sales more seriously.

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