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How Artificial Intelligence will Affect the Future of Work and Life? – Analytics Insight

If you take a walk down memory lane, you will see the extent to which humanity has advanced in the present era. Back in the olden days, you had to write letters to your loved ones, learn about the nationwide events from newspaper columns, walk to the nearest supermarket for buying grocery, stand in long lines at the bank for undertaking a simple transaction, and do a 9-to-5 job, filing boring data day after day. Things have taken a 360° turn, now. You have social media to keep yourself updated about the minute-by-minute lives of your families and friends around the globe. Televisions and smartphone streaming applications entertain you with popular series and blockbusters films around the clock. E-marts like Amazon deliver products to your doorstep with a single click. There are online banking facilities for you to send or receive money at will. Got a question? You can just type it into the Google search bar and the engine will fetch millions of results within mere seconds. And, don’t even get me started on the condition of work, which has gone remote, allowing you to fulfill your tasks or attend meetings from the comfort of your home. You can even start your own business without having to invest in a proper office space. So on and so forth.
These are just a few examples of the monumental shift in the general lifestyle of people over the bygone decades. The credit goes to technology, and its proud creation – the internet. As you may very well know, the internet is nothing short of a necessity, these days. It has penetrated so deeply into our lives that we cannot imagine a single day without surfing the waves of the World Wide Web. Because of its high demand, ISPs offer competitive internet service plans and packages in the market, and the sales are never-ending. The moment you get your hands on a networking goldmine, like RCN internet plans, you are set for life. The high-speed internet connection will power so many devices in your household, starting from your smartphone to your smart vacuum. There is another piece of technology that a good internet connection will support, and it is called Artificial Intelligence. What is AI and how can it make your work and life easier than ever in the upcoming future? Let’s find out below.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Possible Impacts
Artificial Intelligence or AI is a budding field of technology, which develops and researches the capabilities of machines to mimic human intelligence and other behavioral traits. AI is the artificial simulation of the human mind and its thought patterns. In simple words, any machine that is programmed to think and act like a human can be called Artificial Intelligence. What is the benefit of AI? Here are several ways it can impact the future of your work and life:

Increased Personalization
The current trajectory of the world has a bad side effect of isolating people. It is evident by the huge number of depressed individuals, which is growing day by day. Technology can help people feel less lonely. How? Through AI-powered chatbots. There are smartphone applications and other mental health programs which utilize Artificial Intelligent chatbots to keep isolated people company during hard times. These chatbots study the user’s behavior and adjust the tone of conversation accordingly. Such machine learning traits pave the way to a more personalized experience, which satisfies users largely.
Even in the field of commerce, brands that bring AI bots to the front of customer service receive better results than those who do not. Customer service chatbots help buyers throughout the purchasing journey and even after that. Being technological in essence, they are available 24/7 to give customized replies to user queries, based on a prior assessment of the user’s tone and attitude. This is just the start. AI has the potential to make people feel special through highly personalized and customized treatment, both in work and in life.

Streamlined Operations
Gone are the days of menial drudgery. You no longer have to worry about minimal tasks that eat up your time, resources, and energy. Artificial Intelligence can take care of that. There are state-of-the-art AI programs and software in the making that can complete simple-to-complex assignments and jobs for you. For instance, if you are planning to set up a smart home system this year, consisting of smart lights, smart thermostats, automated locks, smart alarms, smart outdoor lights, smart kitchen appliances, smart stereo, smart switches, and more, then you can rely on the efficiency of an AI-assisted smart home hub to control and manage all these devices for you. A smart home hub can connect to your smart home device grid over the in-home network, and monitor it for optimized performance. It can dial the lights down automatically sensing the absence of human residents to save up energy and reduce your electricity bill, in addition to other things.
Similarly, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in work can lead to streamlined business operations. AI can do the smallest of tasks, like data entry, data maintenance, inventory scan, supply chain monitoring, and information security within mere seconds and with greater accuracy, leaving no chances for error. Once AI takes up these tasks, it can open up more avenues of exploration for workers, saving their time and money in the meanwhile.

Predictions for a Better Future
Artificial Intelligence cannot only analyze the current statistics but also predict the future curves, based on a set of patterns. Equipped with such information and forecast data, people will be able to prepare for anything, ranging from climatic emergencies like hurricanes, twisters, and wildfires, to business crises. Besides the preparation, they can use AI analysis to strive towards the betterment of the QoL index, or quality of life. This is how AI can help make the world a safer and sweeter place to live in.

Wrapping Up
People are always looking for ways to introduce a greater degree of convenience and ease into their lifestyles. Technology has so far enabled them to walk on the path of progress, and with platforms like Artificial Intelligence on the rise, the future of work and life looks brighter than ever.

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