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White House Announces Website to Advance Artificial Intelligence –

By Jessica Kent

May 05, 2021 – The White House has launched, a website that will be home to the National AI Initiative and ensure continued US leadership on artificial intelligence research and development.
The National AI Initiative Act of 2020, which became law on January 1, 2021, provides a coordinated program across the entire federal government to accelerate AI research and application for the nation’s economic prosperity and national security.
The new website is designed to make artificial intelligence information and news more widely available to the public. Users can visit the website and see the latest in AI news, legislature, and research and development. The overall goal is to advance AI research within the US and increase excitement in the field from both the public and private sector.

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The website will be run by the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office (NAIIO), located in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).
NAIIO is meant to serve as the central point of contact for technical and programmatic information exchange on activities related to the AI initiative across federal departments and agencies, industry, academia, nonprofit organizations, professional societies, state and Tribal governments, and others.
Additionally, NAIIO is tasked with conducting regular public outreach to diverse stakeholders, as well as promoting access to technologies, innovations, best practices, and expertise derived from initiative activities to agency missions across the federal government.
The new website names six strategic pillars needed to enhance the use of AI in the US, including innovation, advancing trustworthy AI, education and training, infrastructure, applications, and international cooperation.
“The US supports international AI collaborations and partnerships that are grounded in evidence-based approaches, analytical research, and multi-stakeholder engagements that bring diverse perspectives together,” the White House stated on the new website.
“The US has long been a champion and defender of the core values of freedom, guarantees of human rights, individual dignity, the rule of law, rights to privacy, respect for intellectual property, and opportunities for all to pursue their dreams. The AI technologies the Nation develops and uses must reflect these fundamental values and be devoted to helping people. The US values collaborations with global allies to achieve these goals.”
With these six pillars, the US is aiming to achieve its goal of leading the world in the development and use of AI in the public and private sectors.
“America’s decades-long leadership in AI research and development (R&D) has resulted in cutting-edge, transformative technologies that are improving lives, growing innovative industries, empowering workers, and increasing national security,” the website said.
“These successes are the result of a strong, long-term emphasis on visionary, competitive, and high-payoff fundamental research programs that advance the frontiers of AI. AI R&D investments in the United States are measured not only by the amount of financial investment, but also in the quality and impact of the results.”