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Top Artificial Intelligence Job Openings to Watch Out for This Week – Analytics Insight

by Monomita Chakraborty
May 15, 2021

Land a career in AI with these top artificial intelligence jobs.
Artificial Intelligence job prospects have risen in recent years as industry demand has increased. The buzz that AI will produce a slew of new jobs is well-founded. A career in AI appears to be more promising than any other position currently available these days.
For this week’s Artificial Intelligence job openings, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most recent job postings below.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer at ORIserve

Location: Noida

Based on large, real-world data sets, evaluate and compare algorithm performance.
Mine large amounts of data from different sources to obtain insights and recognize patterns using machine learning techniques and complex network analysis procedures.
Construct and execute ML algorithms and models through in-depth research and experiment with neural network models, parameter optimization, and optimization algorithms.
Work to hasten the distributed implementation of current algorithms and models.

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Senior Manager – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence at MSD
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Lead and shape the data strategy for the organization
Recommend optimal deployment methods based on a statistical analysis of in-market customer/ account/ geography-specific data.
Provide test-and-learn analytics to inform deployment.
Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data, spreadsheets, and BI Tools.
Construct data models using knowledge on sourcing data.

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Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning at Aarika Hr Professionals
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Understand the latest industrial and academic advances in artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies and responsible for application analysis.
Across the Accenture Operations team, come up with new concepts and apply AI/ML to real product problems.
Investigate and develop artificial intelligence/machine learning and its applications in a variety of fields.
Build competitive AI/ML services and user experience for next-generation devices and create prototypes for demonstration

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Speech Scientist – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning at Career Makers
Location: Bangalore

Hands-on expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Human-Robot/Human-Computer interaction, data science, applied mathematics, and Computer Vision.
As a Research Scientist, you will focus on some difficult problems in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Image Processing using cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques, including recent Deep Learning advancements.
You will be in charge of creating the best machine learning model for a specific problem.

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Associate Data Scientist – NLP/Artificial Intelligence at Maxbyte Technologies
Location: Coimbatore

Apply software engineering skills to build AI/ML products to improve automation and improve user experiences leveraging data mining, information retrieval techniques, machine learning approach, distributed and cloud computing platforms
To achieve business goals, work closely and collaboratively with Data Scientists, Machine Learning developers, IT teams, customers, and business stakeholders spread across several locations.
Strong understanding of mathematical concepts

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Senior Software Engineer – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning at Ferns N Petals
Location: Delhi NCR, Hyderabad

The primary aim is to design, manage, and deploy solutions that drive AI-driven applications.
Set up and maintain the infrastructure of AI development and production environments.
When developing new products, assist AI product managers and business partners in understanding the potential and weaknesses of AI.
In order to complete the project, work closely with consultants and advisors.

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Data Scientist: Artificial Intelligence at IBM
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

You will design, manage, analyze, and implement AI solutions as a Data Scientist. You’ll be involved in the creation of data solutions using AI-based technologies such as H2O and Tensorflow.
Designing algorithms, implementing pipelines, validating model performance, and creating interfaces such as APIs are all skills you’ll need.
Expertise in using Python to interact with IBM Watson services.

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Senior Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer at UnitedHealth Group
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

To solve the biggest opportunities in healthcare, research, invent, design, and create novel AI solutions, as well as train Machine Learning models.
Create a distributed training environment for large models with large datasets.
In the AI/ML space, mentor and develop junior engineers.
Create a prioritized list of technical issues/deficiencies and/or data access problems that may benefit from AI/NLP solutions.

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Lead Artificial Intelligence Operations Engineer at IDFC FIRST Bank
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

In Data-Driven AI Ops, lead the growth and adoption of enterprise solutions.
Work with Application Owners to establish best practices, lessons learned, and technological approaches throughout the enterprise.
Enhance current projects by incorporating AI Ops solutions and technology.

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Software Engineer – AI/ML Development at Aptiv

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Build the company’s next-generation products, infrastructure, and supporting tools for web-based machine learning and artificial intelligence systems.
Create and use tools and techniques to make similar activities possible.
Interdisciplinary communication with experts and system developers.

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