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  • May 26, 2021
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MS Excel can be extensively used for performing a lot of functions related to machine learning.
Machine learning is the best possible tool when it comes to extracting valuable information from unstructured data. But to be an expert in machine learning can be a difficult process. One would have to learn a programming language and know about linear algebra and calculus. However, an extensive part of machine learning can be operated through MS excel without having to write a single line of code. Most people are naive about the fact that other than being a spreadsheet storing data in a tabular format, Excel is a very powerful computing tool loaded with features that would allow one to directly create models of machine learning on the worksheets. This would analyze excel data in less time and bring more consistent results, which would eventually increase the rate of productivity. Even though excel cannot replace the efficiency of coding, it can solve basic AI-related problems.

Linear regression with Excel
Linear regression is a vital tool of machine learning that is used for the analysis of data and predicting outcomes. Excel can easily create regression models from the tabular data input in the spreadsheet. Basic formulas of excel like SUM and SUMPRODUCT can help in the step-by-step building of linear regression.

Data chart tool of Excel
Excel’s data chart tool can create a machine learning model to predict changes in the values of data. It also has a feature called Trendline that can create a regression model from data. The trendline can be set to different types of regression algorithms like linear, logarithmic, exponential, and polynomial. The chart tool can be configured in such a way that it would display the parameters of the machine learning model. It can be used to guess the outcome of a new observation. A single chart can be added with several trend lines and it would quicken the process of testing and comparing the performances of different models of ML over the same data.

Clustering in Excel
Excel has several formulas when it comes to calculating data from cluster centers and refining them. These formulas are INDEX, ADDRESS, AVERAGEIF, and IF. It allows people to track and monitor their clusters.

Deep learning with Excel
Excel can also be used in making advanced levels of machine learning algorithms. First, it will require the creation of the first layer of the artificial neural network, which would have less than 12 parameters. Then it will have to expand by creating a deep learning model that would have hidden layers. Even though the computation for this is slow, it is functional.

Courses on learning machine learning with Excel
Several courses are available in teaching machine learning to be operated in excel. Udemy offers such a course in only 385 rupees. The tutorial is given by Puneet Mathur. Websites like Upgrade and Simplilearn are also providing tutorials on how to use excel to perform the functions of machine learning.

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