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When the buzzword is AI…. – The Hindu

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the future of higher education in more ways than one

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) entering all sectors, higher education is no exception. From the way institutions worldwide have adapted to concepts like virtual assistants and augmented reality in classrooms, it is clear that these technological leaps are here to last.
Right now, some of the brightest minds in the world are sitting behind their computers, focusing on building something that we will find out about it only after 2031. Meanwhile, universities around the world are using AI technologies such as smart text messaging, personalised curriculum, and immersive classroom teaching to make applying and studying at their institutes easier for students.
AI in learning
Several Indian start-ups are now offering AI technologies to provide students with a better learning experience from the comfort of their homes. This has been very helpful, especially during the pandemic. However, COVID-19 wasn’t the first time universities adopted the AI approach. Technologies such as virtual teaching assistants, along with AI-enabled chatbots (which can understand and answer thousands of questions posted by students and respond accurately within a split second), provide students with the means to personalised study plans and convenient learning.
Along with lectures and other classes, test-taking too went online during COVID-19. A 2020 Educause poll revealed that more than 54% of institutions were using online or AI-based remote proctoring services, which ensured unbiased testing environments for students.
Personal touch
For an individual, AI can help write essays using machine learning. Several organisations have developed technologies that help students not only write powerful essays but also draft resumes and write the Statement of Purpose for overseas applications. Many assistive softwares use AI to check issues with grammar, plagiarism, sentence structure, and so on.
University and job interviews
A resume is required not just to apply to a university but also when applying for jobs after college. AI-powered tools now help students take mock interviews and give them insights into their own characteristics to help them prepare.
While resumes come in handy before a student applies to a university, they are also a necessity when they apply for job interviews after graduation. Universities are employing AI-powered technologies that can help students ace these interviews. These help individuals take mock interviews and give them detailed insights into their characteristics, helping them prepare thoroughly while also taking that edge off during the final interview.
From immersive classroom learning and virtual assistants, to essay graders and test-takers, the use of AI in higher education has grown rapidly during the pandemic. The question we should now be asking is: How far will it extend?
The writer is Founder and CEO – iSchoolConnect