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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Applied Artificial Intelligence – Analytics Insight

Applied artificial intelligence is transforming our world with practical use cases. 
Artificial intelligence is making machines around us smarter. While this is common knowledge, what many don’t understand is that artificial intelligence is more of a concept, and applied artificial intelligence is what puts AI to work in reality. Applied AI leverages the capabilities of software applications and powers machine learning, making it highly accurate and adaptable. It is applied AI that is transforming business processes as well the modern society. 
Several benefits like accuracy, cost-saving, and better decision-making come bundled with Applied artificial intelligence. In a dynamic business landscape, these are the benefits applied AI offers to industries. 
1. Better Decision Making: A lot of tasks would happen smoothly if machines had human-like judgment capabilities and that is exactly what applied AI brings to the forefront. It ensures reduced errors, predicts close to accurate outcomes, achieves end-to-end process automation, and creates a smart ecosystem. 
2. Perfecting Machinery: Applied AI bridges the gap between the digital world and the machine world while reducing errors, social ethics, and human bias in the process. 
3. Sharp Efficiency: Throughout all the stages of business processes, Applied AI accelerates efficiency while saving time, effort, and money. 
4. Optimized Automation: Applied AI helps in automating mundane and repetitive tasks to free up employees. While computer systems powered by AI handle tedious tasks, employees can devote their time and effort elsewhere to increase the business ROI. 
5. Increased Profits: Applied AI boosts profitability by identifying and solving complex business problems, faster than humans, through its machine learning capabilities. 
Applications of Applied AI 
Applied AI is put to work in various forms, depending on its purpose. These forms include natural language generation, chatbots, speech or image recognition, and sentiment analysis. This technology has become so omnipresent that it has made its place even in the creation of CRM platforms that allow better customer handling and lead to increased customer satisfaction. Industries like marketing use applied AI to target the right advertisement to the right audience, the education industry uses applied AI to decide the right curriculum, law enforcement uses chatbots for threat detection, finance uses applied AI for analyzing trade trends, the manufacturing industry uses applied AI for logistical support, and the healthcare industry uses applied AI for early detection and disease diagnosis, amongst many other uses. 
At the rate at which artificial intelligence is advancing, applied AI will see roaring use cases in the future, which is unthinkable at the moment. It is truly one of the most phenomenal and disruptive technologies of our time with immense capabilities to transform the world as we know it.

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