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TGS enters artificial intelligence collaboration | Offshore – Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine – Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine

Example derivative seismic products from the Utsira ocean bottom node survey include (L-R) fault mapping, geobody extraction, and 3D property prediction.
(Courtesy TGS)

Offshore staff
OSLO, Norway – TGS has formed a collaboration agreement with analysis and machine learning specialist Earth Science Analytics concerning data-driven geoscience.
They have already worked together to develop derivative datasets for TGS’ Utsira ocean bottom node (OBN) survey, created through Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis.
This project – the first example involving AI geological interpretation on a large-scale, densely sampled OBN exploration dataset, according to the company – covered more than 1,500 sq km (579 sq mi).
The main aim was to develop new derivative seismic products to provide enhanced exploration insights through AI, especially in areas of infrastructure-led exploration.
Combining training, ‘ground truth’ well data anchoring, blind testing, high fidelity seismic, and AI technology results in accurate predictions, TGS claimed.
Earth Science Analytics’ EarthNet software has been installed in TGS’ cloud environment.  Properties produced from seismic and well data analysis include porosity, lithology and water saturation, and seismic interpretations of faults and geobodies such as injectites.
Operators/clients will be able to purchase and later access these products in a data room to support decision making.