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This nifty online guide compares AI/ML tools and platforms

TWIML, an organization dedicated to demystifying AI/ML, recently filled a need in the market by launching a ‘Solutions Guide’ to open source and enterprise AI tools and platforms.

TWIML’s Solutions Guide consists of several infographics and a litany of research and information meant to make the search for just the right ML solution easy.

Per TWIML’s website:

What we saw was a gap for both builders and providers. Builders need a trusted resource they can turn to to understand the market and its various offerings, where they can cut through the hype and noise and compare products side by side in a meaningful way. Providers need a place to go to meet serious, educated, interested buyers. All of this built on a foundation of shared learning and conversation about the space.

Up front: It can be difficulty to dispel vendor hype and get to the meat of a product in the AI world. Not only do enterprises and IT staff have to account for their business’ unique needs, but they have to deal with slick marketing teams and eager sales staffs who’re often more interested in selling you a product than ensuring you’ve got the right solution for your needs.

TWIML’s Solutions Guide is an impressive response to this problem. Before ML devs even start talking to a vendor they can visit the page and check out information on the most popular available solutions on the market and compare features.

Credit: TWIML
One of many infographic comparisons from TWIML

The major players such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are all listed, as are numerous popular open-source offerings.

Currently you can explore solutions in the following categories:

  • End-to-End ML Platforms
  • Data Acquisition and Preparation
  • Model Development and Training
  • Model Deployment and Operations

This is an already robust offering containing information on a large portion of what’s out there. But TWIML says it’s just getting started. It’ll be updating the lists to add new categories and solutions.

Quick take: This is fantastic. Enterprise AI isn’t the sexiest topic for Neural, but we’re big fans of anything that gets the right tools into the right hands.

And that’s because it’s a dog eat dog world out there and even someone who’s been immersed in the business of machine learning can get a little overwhelmed with the marketing blitzkrieg that accompanies new entries.

Furthermore, even if you’re 100% clued-in to what’s going on out there, it can be a pain in the butt to try and explain the differences between a dozen different similar services to a C-suite executive who doesn’t specialize in technology.

TWIML’s Solution Guide makes it dead simple to show laypersons what they’ll get if they invest in a specific platform or system.

For more information visit TWIML’s page here.