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Top 10 Google Products Empowered by Artificial Intelligence – Analytics Insight

by Sayantani Sanyal
June 29, 2021

Google wants Artificial Intelligence everywhere. Here are the top Google products are driven by AI
For the past few years, Google has been dominating the field of artificial intelligence. Google’s search engine has revolutionized the internet. From large-scale organizations to kids, Google’s search engine has provided every one of us with easier access to information. The company claims that its advancements in technology and enhanced customer service would not have been possible had it not invested in disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and others.
This article provides a list of the top 10 products manufactured by Google which are powered by artificial intelligence.
Google Search Engine
Artificial intelligence plays a major role in the systematic operation of Google’s search engine. Algorithms make up a crucial part of the search engine. The breakthroughs in deep learning technology have immensely helped the company in improving these algorithms and provide better search results for the users. Without AI, Google would not have been able to make these improvements to filter search patterns and avoid spam.
Google Assistant
Google Assistant is a voice assistant integrated into smartphones and tablets that are powered by Google. This voice assistant can search for anything, from music playlists, restaurants, best beaches, or hotels to multiple contacts on the phone and even call them in the hands-free mode. Google Assistant is also capable of finding locations using Google Maps.
Google Maps
Google Maps uses AI to track the driver’s route and estimate where they are headed and guides them through with no additional commands. It is a handy navigation system that is available on Android, iOS, and the web. Some features offered by this application are satellite imagery, 360-degree maps, indoor maps, and live traffic predictions in the route ahead. Other important features offered by Maps are nearby restaurants, gas stations, places to eat, ATMs, and other points of interest.
Google Translate
Google Translate allows its users to translate one language to another. It uses voice assistants to intercept the spoken language and translate it into the desired language. Users can also use their keypads to type their queries and get instant translations. Google’s advancements with AI and neural machine translations have improved the quality and reliability of these translations.
Google Drive
Google Drive uses the smart scheduling algorithm to assist the users in scheduling meetings based on the existing information about the users’ meetings and habits. The revamped interface of the application would also which files the users will most likely access, and categorize them according to different folders.
Google Ads
Earlier known as AdWords, Google Ads is a part of Google’s Marketing Suite of tools. This application allows businesses and users to advertise their products online. It offers complete control over the management and placement of the ads based on their target audiences. Google uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the profile of the customers’ behaviors and leverage the insights drawn from the data to reach the right individual.
YouTube takes the power of artificial intelligence to manage the content on its platform. It automatically removes objectionable content, like racism or terrorism, from the platform. The company’s top priority is to protect its users from harmful content. The company’s AI researchers use trained ML algorithms to create additional effects on the uploaded videos, making the content even more interesting.
Users primarily know that Gmail is an e-mail application, but Google has also integrated several AI and ML algorithms to enhance customer experience. One of the many AI integrated features used by Gmail is the smart reply. It analyzes the entire Gmail and proposes a reply, eliminating the need for typing. It uses AI to protect users from spam.
Google Photos
Photos use AI to suggest images and videos that the users can share with their friends and families. This application uses AI to generate cinematic moments to create a moving image from two different shots. Using AI has enabled bringing moments back to life, tapping into nostalgia, and facilitating happy customer experiences.
Google News
Google News application uses machine learning algorithms to automatically sort through headlines from thousands of possible news sites and provide the users with the best and the most preferred news. AI helps understand the people, places, and objects keep track of the developing news story, and presents it before the customers.

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