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New partnership focuses on applying AI/ML technologies to autonomous aircraft

The agreement will help bring greater platform autonomy to UAV Factory’s platforms. and UAV Factory will work together to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for use in autonomous UAV operations within the commercial and defence markets.

Under the memorandum of understanding agreement, UAV Factory will integrate’s AI/ML technologies with its autonomous aircraft for enhanced ISR capabilities. delivers AI/ML solutions to the US Department of Defense and intelligence community, including providing direct support to the Defense Intelligence Agency in developing pattern of life analysis from imagery and SIGINT data collected by unmanned and manned platforms.

In a 1 July statement, UAV Factory Senior Vice President Joshua Stinson said the partnership would allow the company to deliver greater platform autonomy to the DoD and intelligence community in support of processing, exploitation and dissemination, and pattern of life analysis.

‘Not only will this partnership aid in bringing advanced technologies to the defence market, but it also will bring groundbreaking applications to support the energy, logistics, and infrastructure market to support U.S. interests at home and abroad,’ Stinson said.