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How AI and machine learning is changing CV fact checking – The HR Director Magazine

Identifying the right talent pool for your organization begins with an extensive candidate search. Internal and external recruiters might be involved in screening the resumes for the vacant roles. Having said so, it seems that mapping the competency and scrolling the resumes for job matching is a never-ending task for the recruiters. 
Most of the time, prior experiences and ‘’ gut feeling’’ drive recruiters’ decisions rather than logic. Needless to say, candidate sourcing is not an easy task as well. It involves urgency, a gap-filling move, and setting up the right team for the organization. To speed up the process, most enterprises have inclined to an automated approach for resume screening to find the right candidates. It comes as no surprise that AI-driven  tools for resume screening like Transformify make recruiters’ life easy.
How AI/ML can help in resume screening
The automated approach for resume screening is dealt with clinical precision with the help of AI-enabled ATS ( applicant tracking system). While in the past  many ATS providers have been accused of filtering out resumes and bias, the new cutting-edge technology ensures that no candidates are filtered out and the recruiters can make informed decisions based on big data. 
Though the screening criteria are concise, the subjective data available in the resume may divert the attention of recruiters. To the contrary, resume screening using machine learning tools shall be very effective. You just have to set the rules and it does the job. Moreover, the passive candidate pool can be screened within minutes to expand the search. 
An AI-driven ATS helps remove bias and shortlist candidates that shall be sent to the next level of interviews. The latest trends also involve score cards and measuring the gap between the candidates’ perception of their competencies and recruiters’ assessment. Although Artificial Intelligence is still considered to be in its infancy, it  has produced remarkable results in the field of recruitment; right from candidate sourcing to the selection process.
Advantages of using AI tool for resume screening
The automated data-driven move towards screening resumes is welcomed by many organizations. More importantly, it is considered as the way forward  nowadays, considering the number of diversified roles required by the firm at a given point in time. 
Save Recruiter’s Time
Filling the vacant roles within the given timeframe is always a challenge for the recruiters. The resumes that flow in for a particular job opening are piling up and the bad news for the recruiters is that 75% to 85% of the resumes are unqualified. 
Screening them to create a shortlist takes a lot of time not to mention the day-to-day tasks other than screening resumes that leave the recruiters panting for breath every day. Leveraging automated resume screening tools based on machine learning algorithms like Transformify may save more than 60% on costs and eliminate to a great extent the likelihood of ending up with bad hires.  Firstly, an AI-driven ATS helps source the best candidate pool for resume screening. 
Secondly, the recruitment tool itself screens the candidates and provides reports based on big data analysis. Last but not least, it also facilitates the next round of interviews paving the pathway to candidate selection. Similarly, the day-to-day mundane tasks can also be automated, thus saving a lot of time for the recruiters to enhance their skills, participate in webinars and training and  improve the standards of the organization.
Engage with the best candidates
The main responsibility of a recruiter is to source,identify and select top talent for the organization. Technically, this requires to deploy candidate sourcing and screening strategies based on analyzing data patterns. This cannot be done just by screening resumes and scheduling interviews. 
Recruitment engagements, interview engagements and behavioral assessment of the candidate appearing for the interview are the ones that make it more prolific. If an automated resume screening AI-based software is used, such tasks shall take priority and this is what the organization needs. 
Reduce Unconscious Bias
As mentioned earlier, in the past, selecting a candidate was more of an emotional-based decision than a logical outcome of the resume screening process. There are instances where the personal bias factor comes your way while screening the resume. 
Gender bias, religion, and education bias may come the recruiters’ way sometimes thus hampering the desired results. These bias factors are not intentional , and no matter the efforts of recruiter’s to eliminate them, they still  happen. But have you recently heard of a tool or machine being biased? Although, in the last decade, many ATS providers experimented with AI and ML algorithms and bias was inevitably in place as the engineers and product teams were still learning, nowadays there is no place for AI-driven resume screening bias. The huge advantage of AI-driven resume screening process is that the tool shall look for the right fit and eliminate biased fit.
Promote DE&I in recruitment practices
Utilizing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies in recruiting processes have given the right results for the organizations. It indeed develops a fabulous environment where everyone feels that they belong to the organization all the time. 
AI in the hiring process shall help such practices happen and thus give the best environment at the office. It reduces the bias in the hiring process, it also finds the right fit and keeps the recruiters and the employees on the same page.

AI in resume screening Use Cases
The candidate feedback is one of the prime inputs the HR function must look out for. And the use case scenarios are divided into five stages and the outcome of every stage shall give massive learning to the organization. AI-enabled tools shall facilitate the end-to-end recruitment process right from talent sourcing to onboarding. 
The entire process shall be seamless keeping the candidate informed of the decisions. This shall not leave the candidate frustrated at any point in time. The automated software has great potential as it activates and waits for the candidate’s response. Also, it triggers the right candidates based on the previous responses and behavior. 
The process of resume screening is on the ‘’to do’’ list for organizations of any size. No matter if it is a start-up or an enterprise, it is always best to automate the recruitment process. The incredible AI-enabled ATS has the potential to solve the most pressing recruitment problems. 

Riddhi Dhadda is currently working as Marketing Executive at Transformify, UK. She has gained a credible reputation over the years with her dedication to the work and experience in her field.