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Advancement In Artificial Intelligence: Rise of the Robots – Analytics Insight

by Aratrika Dutta
July 13, 2021

Innovation in artificial intelligence led to the evolution of smarter robots.
A robot is a machine that is programmed by a computer. It is capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically without human intervention. A robot can be directed by an external control device, or the control may be inserted within it. Robots are created to stimulate the human form. Most robots are task-performing machines, designed focusing on sharp functionality, rather than expressive aesthetics.
Since the covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed entirely. The entire globe has become dependent on technology so as to stay connected and get the work done more than ever before. Robots have evolved as a safer option as social distancing has become the norm. Robots have become an essential part of everyday life.
Robots are not a mechanical body which is unachievable, rather it is a computer-based artificial brain that is still well below the level of elegance needed to build a human-like robot.
Robots as Customer Service Mechanism
ING, the bank’s robotics team in Poland has launched a service called SAIO, which is an AI-powered solution that enables companies whether small or medium-sized to robotize their business. SAIO can be used to mechanize financial processes and also, it can be put into work in other areas of a company like HR, logistics where the administration is needed.
A Robot that Cleans
Since Covid-19 it has become more important to clean rooms and with social distance, one has to do the cleaning work by oneself. But some robots are being used to clean and disinfect homes and hospitals. To kill all types of viruses and bacteria, companies like UVD Robots, Xenex, Tru-D, Puro Lighting, and Surface are using ultraviolet-C light. In New York Puro’s UV lamps are being used to clean subway cars and buses. In India, Milagrow introduced three new robots, Milagrow iMap Max, Milagrow iMap 10.0, and Milagrow Seagull to clean homes with a touch of a button. These robotics mops not only clean the house but can clean themselves too. Further, some robots have arms that can pick up items, open drawers, move objects, and even open and close doors without any physical contact and also, sanitize the room with UV light and chemical hydrogen peroxide spray.
A Robot that Reads
This is something that is completely different. Already software bots have existed for many years which have the ability to automate repetitive, algorithm-based computer tasks by simply imitating the way humans work with applications. But now comes something smarter, a robot that can read. ING has been developing a smart robot which is an intelligent content service. Such robots have been trained to recognize information in a document like an invoice or payslip and this is done by using AI algorithms. This simplifies the work of the customers as well as the service provider. Also, it is not just a document it can read, rather photos, chats, and other content can be processed automatically in this way.
A robot that Can Cook
With digital transformation taking place rapidly, now there are technologies that are surprising. There are robots that cook. It can flip a burger, make a cup of coffee, etc. In India, Rebel Foods uses a fusion of software, robotics, and automation to prepare food. It uses robotics-led smart friers which identify the shape of the food and based on that shape can regulate the oil temperature automatically without human intervention. The company also uses a Visual AIQC Machine, called a SWAT machine which stands for Size, Weight, Appearance, and Temperature. Every dish prepared is put on a machine that scans it and accepts or rejects it accordingly. Also, some robots can make burgers while the staff is busy taking orders online or cleaning their restaurants.

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