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Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, edge computing experts most in demand – Times of India

BENGALURU: Artificial intelligence specialist, AR (augmented reality) experts, genomic portfolio director, master edge computing and digital imaging leader are some of the hottest jobs this year, as per staffing company TeamLease’s Jobs and Salaries Primer Report 2021. High expertise-based job profiles have steadily grown in criticality over the last 12 months, and are seen by employers to be indispensable. These attract around 11% salary increment or more, as compared with market averages ranging between 1.7 and 14%. Such jobs include software test specialists in the IT sector, banking trainers in the BFSI industry, and compliance officers in the construction industry. The report covers 17 sectors including agriculture, automobile, banking, ecommerce and healthcare.
“It is heartening to note that many business sectors are helping dispel the second wave gloom that surrounds us in the way they know best – making pay actions that are appreciably higher than in 2020, and are more effective. Paying forward the incentive to innovate and to grow, these sectors are shining the light at the end of the livelihood tunnel,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and executive vice president of Team-Lease Services. With technology becoming ubiquitous and a necessary condition to operate during the pandemic, the IT function has grown in stature across businesses over the year. The hiring of sales roles has gained momentum ever since the lockdowns were phased out with average salary growth of close to 10%. IT jobs like SQL (structured query language) Analyst, UI designer and IT infrastructure engineer are much in demand too. Eight out of seventeen sectors continued a gradual progression towards recovery and to pre-Covid business activity levels. These include ecommerce, IT and educational services. Four sectors have taken one step from a slump or a stagnation. Two sectors, hospitality and industrial manufacturing, continue to remain in a slump.