At Amazon AI Conclave 2021, learn how AI and ML can help your business scale –

  • Lauren
  • December 3, 2021
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Ten years ago, if someone said you could transfer money, watch your favourite series, or even book a cab, all at the click of a button from a pocket-sized smartphone, you wouldn’t have believed it. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the brain behind solving most of humanity’s perennial problems and many of the tools we use in our daily life.For startups that typically have limited resources, any opportunity to automate, improve, simplify, and ease the work process is warmly welcome. So, there’s no better way for them to roll into the new year than exploring the limitless capabilities of Machine Learning and AI at the Amazon AI Conclave 2021.To be held virtually on December 15, 2021, this is a great opportunity to discover how to build smart, customer-centric, scalable solutions in the cloud and on the edge using Amazon’s broadest and deepest set of AI and ML services.Register for Amazon AI Conclave 2021 todayPutting ML into the hands of every developerFor two decades, Amazon has been investing deeply in AI and today, ML to drive many of their internal systems – from path optimisation in their fulfilment centers and’s recommendations engine, to Echo powered by Alexa and their retail experience Amazon Go.The e-commerce giant is now on a bigger mission to share its learnings and ML capabilities as fully managed services and the Amazon AI Conclave is a step in that direction. The event will host two tracks – a business track for enterprise and startup CXOs, and a technical track for ML developers, data scientists, architects and practitioners.Whether you’re getting started with AI/ML, an advanced user, a business executive, or a tech enthusiast simply curious about AI/ML, there are specific tracks for your level of experience and job role.Why you should attend1. Explore the various faces of AIThe event is a great chance to be at the heart of the happening AI scene as it hosts 30+ business and technical talks from both startups and enterprises, awards, 1:1 Q&A with AWS experts. You will get access to product demos from some of the most innovative startups, listen to interesting stories from Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers on how to decode operations success, and how they’ve improved customer experiences using AWS AI/ML services.2. Diverse set of topicsAt the business track, you will hear how AI/ML is fuelling innovation in financial services and insurance, healthcare and retail, how you can improve business outcomes through the power of personalisation, ML best practices, among other topics.And if you want to find out what the biggest challenges in driving adoption of AI and ML are, how to train ML models easily with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, create engaging voice-first games for Alexa, hand understand how investors are seizing the AI opportunity, and how to get AWS certified by tuning into the technical track3. The Amazon AI Awards 2021The Amazon AI Awards will put the spotlight on innovators who are proving to be real game-changers across categories like retail and e-commerce, healthtech, media and entertainment, enterprise and industrial IT, fintech, women in AI tech, and a surprise category – AI for good.You will get to witness companies who have created B2C and B2B solutions using AI, while also leveraging one or more AI-based solutions from AWS. Amazon AI Conclave will take place on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 from 9 AM to 6 PM IST.Register here