STAT partners with Applied XL to launch a new clinical trials monitoring platform powered by artificial intelligence

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  • January 22, 2022
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BOSTON, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2015, our team at STAT has worked tirelessly to deliver trusted and authoritative journalism about health, medicine, and the life sciences to millions of readers around the world. We are thrilled to unveil a new product that has been under development for over a year and that we believe will transform how readers like you track and analyze clinical trials data: STAT Trials Pulse.

Developed by artificial intelligence company Applied XL, in conjunction with STAT’s national biotech team, STAT Trials Pulse uses machine learning and editorial-driven algorithms to help life sciences and health care professionals identify, in real-time, the most important updates happening in the clinical trials space.

“Our team has created a product that merges machine learning and computational journalism. There is a growing demand for current and transparent information in the scientific and research community. STAT Trials Pulse fulfills these needs, giving users an unbeatable competitive advantage,” said Francesco Marconi, Co-Founder & CEO of Applied XL. 

Users who access the platform can build personalized, dynamic feeds to monitor the specific conditions, interventions, and organizations that matter most to them. They can also use a proprietary discovery tool to surface noteworthy trends in the clinical trial space, identify emerging research activity, and detect disruptions to company pipelines. And, crucially, they receive these updates in real-time, through contextualized alerts that announce when studies stop unexpectedly, or when there are changes in completion dates, enrollment, and more. You can see a full list of features at

“Our mission at STAT has always been to provide readers with leading coverage on health, science, and medicine. Now, STAT is expanding beyond reporting. With STAT Trials Pulse, our organization has taken a huge step in providing industry professionals with the insights and knowledge they need to succeed. Today’s announcement is a game-changer for how we use technology to acquire information,” said Rick Berke, STAT co-founder and executive editor.

The platform’s annual cost is $1,500 per year. STAT Trials Pulse is available for a four-week free trial to all new users who sign up. Get started at

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Founded in 2020, Applied XL develops real-time information systems to track the health of people, places, and the planet to help accelerate the path to sustainable growth. Applied XL combines pioneering computational journalism techniques and expert networks to power intuitive intelligence products for professionals in specialized industries. The company is staffed by computational journalists and machine learning engineers.

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