Decode the possibilities of Machine Learning at Scale with Microsoft’s latest webinar on Azure Machine Learnin –

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  • January 31, 2022
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Machine Learning is quickly becoming the next big thing in organisations. And it isn’t a surprise. It helps organisations automate their processes and leads to error-free results. It leverages data to help enterprises make critical decisions, giving them further insights into customer behaviour, business operational patterns, and product development. More and more enterprises are looking at employees to leverage the technology. As per the Future of Jobs 2020 report by the World Economic Forum, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists are emerging job roles.Machine learning is an essential part of a business’s success story. With access to data, businesses can know exactly how they can stay ahead of the curve. From leading companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber to smaller data-first digital natives, machine learning enabled solutions have become an integral part of their differentiated value propositions and their own processes.While Machine Learning became the most acquired skill in India on online learning platforms, the onus lies on MLOps platform to not only enable smooth adoption by data scientists, but also by IT and at scale. Automation of MLOps itself is thus yet another new paradigm.To learn how Azure Machine learning enables this and more fore businesses, please attend this webinar titled ‘Machine Learning lifecycle management and possibilities with Azure Machine Learning’, featuring Aruna Chakkirala, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft India.Why should you attend?Organisations are witnessing an accelerated pace in building machine learning-fuelled solutions. An implicit requirement for the teams involved is working collaboratively while constantly building and managing a large number of models. The webinar introduces the positives of using Azure Machine Learning which enables data science and IT teams to collaborate and increase the pace of model development and deployment via monitoring, validation, and governance of machine learning models.The webinar will give attendees:The opportunity to learn about the advantages of using Azure Machine LearningAn understanding of how Azure Machine Learning should be used for cleaning data, building models, and deploying as a service, and at scaleAn insight into when enterprises should leverage Azure Machine LearningAn overarching view of how Azure Machine Learning can give your business a competitive edgeA quick demoAbout the speakerAruna Chakkirala comes with almost 20 years of experience in Data Science, Data Engineering, and Big Data solutions. As a Data Scientist, she has worked in building models in various areas including recommendation engines, community detection, graph analysis, and in extending the data platforms through data feature pipelines. At Microsoft, she is involved in evangelising the AI, ML, and IOT workloads while enabling partners.Who should attend?This webinar will be useful for both enterprises as well as individuals who develop or co-develop with Machine Learning and will benefit by using Azure Machine Learning to stay ahead of the curve.If you are interested, please click here to register.