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  • February 12, 2022
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People choosing machine learning jobs will have a great future as technology is taking center stageSince technology is all about reducing human work, an amazing concept called ‘machine learning’ is gaining prominence. It is nothing but the branch of artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence is increasingly invading our lives, relative jobs are also becoming a hot topic. Machine learning generally focuses on data and algorithms to enable machines to learn a task with minimal or no human intervention. It is aimed to reduce human efforts while increasing machine performance by enabling machines to learn by themselves. Owing to the increasing usage of technology, machine learning jobs like machine learning engineer, machine learning designer, data scientist, etc, are becoming more important. According to a report by Indeed, a Machine learning engineer is the best job of 2019 with 344% growth and an average base salary of US$146,085. This is expected to have even increased now. In a nutshell, people choosing machine learning careers have a great future. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top machine learning jobs that aspirants should apply for in February 2022.Top Machine Learning Jobs To Apply ForMicrosoft Azure Machine Learning Lead at AccentureLocation(s): HyderabadRoles and Responsibilities: As a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Lead at Accenture, the candidate should analyze E2E, define capabilities, understand the data and model Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure DevOps, Overall Azure Cloud Experience, Powershell, DSVM, AML Computer/Training Clusters, Azure Infrastructure, etc.Qualifications:
The candidate should have proven skills or experience in Azure AI and ML solution design and architecture-based solutions using Azure Cloud capabilities.
He/she should have a proven record of embedding advanced analytical models into the business process.
They should have the ability to understand the business use cases and requirements.
Good communication skills and knowledge in the pharma industry are also expected.
The candidate should be a B.Tech or MCA graduate.Apply here for the job.Data Engineer: Machine Learning at IBMLocation(s): BengaluruRoles and Responsibilities: The data engineer: machine learning should have the data expertise to manipulate and integrate big data and different data types such as videos, images, documents, and other structured databases. He/she should define problems and opportunities in a complex business area. They should develop advanced analytics products. The candidate should create and develop end-to-end data-driven solutions to support the client’s business units. They should extract data from multiple sources and integrate it for analytics and application development.Qualifications:
Minimum 4-years of experience in machine learning is mandatory.
The candidate should be an expert in data integration and visualization skills.
He/she should have prior experience with AWS cloud services like AWS-Sagemaker, EC2, RDS, etc.
They should have a solid understanding of feature extraction, feature selection techniques, and transfer learning.Apply here for the job.Machine Learning Lead/Architect at WiproLocation(s): Kochi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad (Work From Home during Covid)Roles and Responsibilities: As a machine learning lead, the candidate is expected to lead the design and development of computer vision-based cognitive pipelines. He/she will be responsible for creating and managing the CV pipelines for multiple solutions. They are responsible for designing requirement-specific CV implementations using micro-services architecture. The candidate is expected to explore and implement the latest technologies and algorithms wherever applicable.Qualifications:
The candidate should have strong experience in the development of computer vision-based projects.
He/she should be well-versed in track records of solution development from scratch.
Solid hands-on experience as Python Developer is mandatory.
They should have experience in using or customizing cloud providers’ AI/ML services.
The candidate should’ve presented papers in high-tier conferences or journals.Apply here for the job.Technology Analyst: Data Science | Machine LearningLocation(s): BengaluruRoles and Responsibilities: As a part of the Infosys delivery team, the candidate will interface with the client for quality assurance, issue resolution, and ensure high customer satisfaction. He/she will understand requirements, create and review designs, validate the architecture and ensure high levels of service offerings to clients in the technology domain. They will participate in project estimation, provide inputs for solution delivery, conduct technical risk planning, perform code reviews. The candidate will lead and guide their teams towards developing optimized high-quality code deliverables, continual knowledge management, and adherence to the organizational guidelines and processes.Qualifications:
The candidate should know about more than one technology.
Knowing the basics of architecture and design fundamentals is mandatory.
He/she should understand project life cycle activities on development and maintenance projects.
They should know the basics of the business domain to understand the business requirements.Apply here for the job.Sr. Associate/Manager for Artificial Intelligence Machine at CognizantLocation(s): HyderabadQualifications:
The candidate should have knowledge of Python, R, MATLAB/Simulink, toolbox ecosystem, another modeling, and statistical and numerical analysis tools.
Experience using data analytics/machine learning techniques is mandatory.
He/she should have experience in NLP, computer vision techniques.
In-depth knowledge of Math, Probability, Statistics, and Algorithms are expected.
They should have proven knowledge of time series analysis and unstructured data analysis.
The candidate should have extensive knowledge of data to design the data modeling or redefine the data in Knowledge or useful info.Apply here for the job.Share This Article
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