How AI and ML can Protect Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the right hands, have the potential to improve our cyber defenses. But, unfortunately, they can cause significant harm if in the wrong hands

Fremont, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become inevitable in our daily lives, including cybersecurity. AI/ML, in the right hands, can detect vulnerabilities and reduce incident response time. However, in the hands of cybercriminals, they can cause significant harm.

Here are five positive effects of AI/ML on cybersecurity.

Fraud and Anomaly Detection: This is the most common way AI tools help cybersecurity. The performance of composite AI fraud-detection engines in recognizing complex scam patterns is outstanding. In addition, the advanced analytics dashboards of fraud detection systems provide detailed information about incidents.

Email Spam Filters: Defensive rules filter out suspicious messages to identify potentially dangerous emails. Furthermore, spam filters protect email users by reducing the time it takes to sort through unwanted correspondence.

Botnet Detection: Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms aid in detecting and preventing sophisticated bot attacks. They also aid in identifying user behavior patterns to detect undetected attacks with a shallow false-positive rate.

Vulnerability Management: Managing vulnerabilities (manually or with technology tools) can be complex, but AI systems make it easier. To identify code vulnerabilities and predict attacks, AI tools analyze baseline user behavior, endpoints, servers, and even discussions on the Dark Web to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Anti-Malware: AI assists antivirus software in detecting good and bad files, allowing it to identify new types of malware that have never been seen before. Although replacing traditional detection techniques with AI-based ones can increase detection speed, it also increases false positives. However, using a combination of conventional methods and AI, it is possible to detect 100 percent malware.