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GoogleAI launches YouTube Channel for Free Resources on AI/ML – Analytics India Magazine

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Google AI announced the launch of the Google Research YouTube channel today. The channel is set to focus on a wide range of subjects like AI/ML, robotics, theory and algorithms, quantum computing, health and bioscience.

The channel will address these subjects and various other content including shows such as—


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Meet a Google Researcher

The show will introduce viewers to a Google Researcher who will explain about their innovations and the implications of the newly emerging technologies in our daily lives. 

In its first rendition, Drew Calcagno spoke with Google Researchers Sharan Narang and Aakanksha Chowdhery, who theorised and introduced the language models to robotics and coded the Pathways Language Model (PaLM).

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This series focuses on the conversion of research publications by Google researchers into byte-sized content for viewers.

The first byte shares insight into how Google Research and Everyday Robotics worked together to merge latest, cutting-edge research in natural language processing and robotics for advanced human-centred robots while also improving advanced language models like PaLM as they interact with the real world.

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This segment is set to discuss emerging technologies and noteworthy innovations put forth in various research papers.

In the first rendition of Spotlights, Google Research and Everyday Robots showcased their work of the newly developed helper robots in abstract and simple tasks like ‘cleaning up a spilled drink’.

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The YouTube channel will include most of the research from the GoogleAI blog that covers the latest advancements by the Google Researchers in the field of AI/ML and robotics theories.