Machine Learning: Are designers even needed anymore? – It’s Nice That

  • Lauren
  • August 17, 2022
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This article is published as part of Us vs Them, a guest edit of It’s Nice That commissioned and curated by creative director Richard Turley. To read further articles from Richard’s takeover head here.Anyone who has used a machine learning tool in the last year will know the size of the hole it blows in your brain. So, when we first started talking about the contents of this guest editorship in April, it felt a pertinent discussion point – the original Dall-E and MidJourney had recently launched and there was a bit of tension and excitement in the air. The speed of development since then has been rapid (as has the feeling of burn out from seeing so many images). Even the images we’ve used as illustrations for this piece seem old (they were made in May).I like that machines have no egos, no desire to fart “their vision” over everything. Machines will offer you infinite options. They won’t throw a hissy fit when you don’t like something, or cry when they can’t use some illegible hype-y font. And machines have no desire to go to shoots, work with expensive talent, sleep, eat, or get paid. Don’t get me wrong I like all those things about humans (especially the hissy fits), but I also like having an inert member of “the team” who just spits shit out. That seems like a great idea to me. As John Warwicker said in our piece on tomato: “Work fast, to the point of the work making itself and you are trying to catch it.”Beyond an examination into the subject, I also wanted to do a sort of Dummies Guide/Wikihow explainer on one way we are using AI – in this case the design of a new soft drink brand – in the co-pilot mode, prompting us on everything from the naming to the logo and the can design – and breaking this particular process out for you. Maybe this is useful, maybe not. We’re going to launch Fizuy-Lub regardless. – Richard TurleyThe visuals for this feature were created as a case study showcasing how designers and AI can collaborate on creative projects together. Thank you to Iain Tait, Commercial Type and Jae Yeon Kim for collaborating with us.