C-DoT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play

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  • August 25, 2022
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Developing a local SESH (sentiment, emotion, sarcasm, hate) for social media and chatbots

In January of 2022, a study published by The Brookings Institution, ranked India among the leaders in the world for both technology & research and funding in areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, products and solutions.

According to an IDC forecast the Indian market for AI software, hardware, and services, was worth $3.1 billion in 2020 and would be worth 3 times by 2025.

Leading the research on the domestic development of AI technologies, C-DOT has created world-class AI technologies that enhance Indian capabilities in AI products. These are aimed at deployment for business use and strategic sectors.

Some of the areas of AI focus for C-DOT are:

•             Natural Language Processing

•             Computer Vision

•             AI-enabled Drone Applications

•             AI in Telecom Network Management and Security

•             AI Application to Future Telecom Network (5G, 6G, M2M, Security)

•             AI control systems

•             Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence is not an isolated technology. AI and Cognitive Sciences Initiatives are seen across industries, academia, R&D, and application developers. It also has to negotiate the standards, policy, and regulatory communities globally. AI promises historic transformations across every walk of life.

C-DOT is working in collaboration with these institutions to arrive at world-class AI products. C-DOT is already in collaboration with eminent academic institutions like IIT-Delhi, IIT-Patna, etc., and is also planning to engage various startups and vendors to come out with world-class and relevant AI products.

In the future, the majority of products and services in all verticals of life and business shall have AI embedded in them. As a result, AI technologies will have an impact on all spheres of business and society worldwide. Therefore, it is very crucial to develop homegrown technologies that can compete in the domestic as well as the global markets so as to keep in line with Aatmanirbhar Bharat Mission.

C-DOT has developed algorithms and products in computer vision, image processing, text analytics, and augmented reality (AR).

These include face recognition (FR), object detection, person tracking, intrusion detection, mask detection, gesture recognition, queue estimation, scenario summarization, and anomaly detection in the area of computer vision.

SESH (sentiment, emotion, sarcasm, hate) for social media and chatbots in the areas of text-based analysis and SLAM-based augmented reality for visual positioning systems and indoor navigation.

The developed technologies have been embedded in various C-DoT products like

• Face Recognition technology has been incorporated in the C-DoT attendance system, C-DOT secured phone, Face verification and matching system for criminals and fake identities, and C-DoT Covid compliance system for detecting face mask and social distancing violations during the pandemic time.

• Search Star for SESH Analysis (sentiment, emotion, sarcasm, hate) on social media posts. Trend Analysis App to show popular tweets, trend-timeline charts, sentiment, emotion, and gender-distribution charts for trending topics on Twitter. Chatbot developed for C-DOT website.

Wayfinder: With the ever-increasing need for enabling a user’s handset with assistive technologies that help them achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively, C-DOT has come up with a unique solution to help a visitor navigate inside a building. In order to enable a user with this technology, the users are only expected to install an app on their Android or iOS device. We also support a web-based clientless solution with limited functionalities. There also exists an Admin Console for the administrator to upload floor plans and create or update routes and POIs.

Manisha Parashar | Voice&Data Various AI domain in which C DOT1

Artificial Intelligence is not an isolated technology. AI and Cognitive Sciences Initiatives are seen across industries, academia, R&D, and application developers.

A detailed list of various comprehensive features of the solution are:

• Highly optimized AI-based Visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to run on the user’s handheld device

• Enhanced user experience through AR (Augmented Reality)

• No data pushed out from a User’s device

• Real-time routing provisions to regulate access to various areas within the premises

• Real-time updating of functional elevators, staircases, escalators, passages, etc.

• Efficient algorithms for crowd management using AI-enabled dynamic routing

• App usage is secured by efficient geofencing-based algorithms

• Disabled Friendly with support for Talk-Back for visually impaired

• Supports multiple indoor positioning algorithms using QR codes, BLE Beacons, Pinning on Map, and Visual Positioning System

• Virtual background, Background Blur and background noise reduction in CDOTMEET (CDOT video conferencing system)

• Intrusion detection and instant alarm through C-DoT Samvad chat and calling system.

C-DoT has trained and perfected its models with required domain data, e.g. for Indian scenarios, and strategic domains, and provides a very high level of accuracy as compared to other products available in the market.

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By Meenu Gupta, AI ML, CDOT

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