How technologies such as AI, ML, and deep learning are paving the way for the digitalization of the constructi – Times of India

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  • September 12, 2022
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The construction industry has been long reliant on tedious manual work, obsolete practices, legacy systems and exhausting paperwork. Moreover, the global construction industry has been relatively slow to adopt the technology. However, the advent of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML and Deep Learning in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sector is transforming the way things are done in the industry.
AI-led Digital Transformation
By harnessing the power of AI, construction industry stakeholders can boost efficiency, cost-savings, agility & profitability through automation of tedious manual processes and replacement of legacy systems and paperwork with digitalization. Moreover, AI-powered autonomous and semi-autonomous functionalities aid in streamlining and pacing up construction project completion. Digitalizing the construction projects leveraging AI enables AEC stakeholders to mitigate risk and enforce safety protocols for better work operations. AI makes the identification of pre and post-construction issues easier and also helps in finding timely solutions to crises proactively. AI can help in empowering real-time decisions through automatic alerts and notifications. AI helps the construction industry to overcome the challenges such as the collaboration of offsite and onsite resources, inappropriate safety measures, labor shortages, cost overruns and improper schedule management.
Proactive planning and management with ML
In the current times, machine learning has been steadily gaining buzz in the AEC industry.
Machine learning is dynamically helping to improve safety, and boost productivity, quality and vital measures. The innovative technology helps in improving construction designs and planning processes with a high level of precision and estimation. While ML-led digitalization in the construction industry can enable AEC firms to bolster decision-making, make informed predictions, streamline business and workflow operations, proactively manage clients’ expectations and be future-ready.
Streamlined processes with Deep Learning
Leveraging deep learning not just helps in proactive streamlining of the construction processes but also effectively manages construction project biddings, site planning and management, resource & asset planning, risk management, cost management, communication with clients, and health and safety management.
We hope you can envision what we see that AI, ML & Deep Learning in the AEC industry have even more exciting possibilities. These technologies will influence the future of construction and bring about a positive transformation.


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