Meta’s Latest AI Proves That Artificial Intelligence And Humans Can Work Together –

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  • November 24, 2022
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Meta has built another artificial intelligence tool! The company is calling it Cicero, an AI that is allegedly better at Diplomacy than human beings.Usually, AI systems are not very good at cooperating with humans to achieve certain tasks. But Meta claims its Cicero AI can do that and more. Meta’s Fundamental AI Research Diplomacy Team trained an AI to attain “human level performance” in the war strategy board game Diplomacy. The new AI, Gizmodo reported, was able to communicate with other human players, devise methods to win, and even pass as a human in certain instances.
PexelsWhat makes Cicero so special?Researchers claim that Cicero works by combining dialogue and strategic reasoning models. Earlier AIs that won games against humans had one thing in common – all of those games were a “winner-takes-it-all” situation, but Diplomacy is different.What if a virtual assistant could hold a conversation with you or teach you something new? Today, we’re announcing CICERO, a step forward in human-AI interactions. Learn more 👇— Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) November 22, 2022In Diplomacy, seven players fight to control supply centres. Players are constantly negotiating with each other. What makes Cicero a game-changer is the fact that it managed to gauge around fundamentals of human interactions (for Diplomacy) – be it cooperation or deception.Also read: New AI Tool Predicts When A Bank Should Be Bailed Out To Prevent LossesMeta claims that Cicero more than doubled the average score of human players across 40 anonymous Diplomacy games. Cicero also ranked in the top 10% of players who played more than a single game. Based on each player’s performance and text conversations, Cicero would decide how to make the next move.
PexelsFor the study’s purpose, Cicero was used between August 19 and October 13, 2022 over 40 anonymous online games – totalling over 72 years of gameplay. No human players suspected that they were playing against an AI, allowing Cicero to “pass as a human player” in 40 games of Diplomacy with 82 unique players.In one case, Cicero went the extra mile and changed a human player’s mind by suggesting a move that benefitted both players. To reach this stage, Cicero was trained on a dataset of 125,261 anonymised Diplomacy games. About 40,000 of these contained dialogue, representing 12 million messages exchanged between human players.
PexelsAlso read: Meta’s New AI System ‘Galactica’ Can Write Research Papers From ScratchBesides anything else, Cicero is a peek into the future wherein AI and human beings work together to achieve shared goals. “CICERO marks the beginning of a new era for AI that can collaborate with people in gameplay using strategic reasoning and natural language processing, and the learnings from technology like this could one day lead to intelligent assistants that can collaborate with people,” Meta wrote.What do you think about Meta’s strange AI? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading ReferencesCompany, F. (2022, November 22). CICERO: AI That Can Collaborate and Negotiate With You. Meta., M. (2022b, November 22). Meta’s “Cicero” AI Trounced Humans at Diplomacy Without Revealing Its True Identity. Gizmodo.