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Army’s New Small Biz Contract Opportunities Focus on AI/ML, Hydrofluorocarbons – ExecutiveBiz

The U.S. Army has opened three early-stage contract opportunities for U.S.-based small businesses capable of developing materials-readiness technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The Phase I contracts are funded through the Army Applied Small Business Innovation Research Program and are projected to take 6 to 13 months to complete, the service branch said Monday.
One of the technologies the Army intends to pursue is an AI/ML software suite with probe capabilities to boost the manufacturing efficiency of nitramine coating and recrystallization, an important element of weapons production.
As part of the service’s goal to reduce reliance on hydrofluorocarbons, two of the Phase I opportunities are focused on replacing the compound as an ingredient to its equipment and facilities.
The Army is looking for companies to create an environmentally friendly cooling system for electronics or cabin areas. The equipment should not be refrigerant-based, and preferably free of hydrofluoroolefin.
Additionally, the branch is seeking vendors that can deliver an agent or system to replace hydrofluorocarbons in automatic fire extinguishers. The project is intended to protect ground vehicle soldiers and their equipment better.
The opportunities are open for proposal responses until Jan 3.