Expert Predictions for the Future of Technology in 2023: From AI and ML to Cookie-Less Advertising and Employe – Times Now

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  • December 31, 2022
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2023 predictionsAs we approach the end of the year, it is expected that several new trends will emerge in the technology industry. Technology is constantly evolving and transforming how businesses operate in today’s digital world. Each year, technology continues to disrupt the market with the introduction of new technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, and data analytics, and the concept of a “meta world” has become a reality. Even older technology is undergoing changes and improvements, with advancements in computing, the shift to SaaS business models, and the evolution of privacy and security technology from PINs to facial recognition and motion sensors. Tech CEOs are always on the lookout for new developments and are eager to be the first to adopt them.Amit Relan, Founder and CEO, mFilterIt to know the trends and future predications in the adtech industry, he said ,“2023 is going to be the year of innovative solutions and approaches to make digital advertising a transparent and safe space. The buzz of an unstable economy at the beginning of the year will impact the choices of the advertisers. To get the best possible outcome for every penny spent and stay efficient during uncertain times, advertisers have to shift their focus towards attracting the right set of audiences by validating. While the economic situation might take a hit across the world, data will still be the baseline for the growth of the brands. With the help of a data-driven approach, brands can get a transparent overview of the quality of their ad traffic. Using the actionable insights derived from the clean data, the advertisers can optimize their campaigns better and eliminate invalid traffic and target real humans.Related News Another buzzword in the industry that is going to change the scenario of digital advertising is – Cookie-Less Advertising. To stay ahead of the curve, the brands will have to move towards a customer-centric approach. First-party data and contextual targeting will help the brands tap the right audience based on their interests and need. The upcoming year is bringing a lot of innovation keeping the consumer’s interest at the centre of the stage. This means that the way forward for the brand will no longer be just creating the growth plan for the year. The brands will have to move towards a more customer-centric advertising approach and ensure that their consumer’s interest is protected and acknowledged. Therefore, it is time that the brands enter the new year with the mission to create a seamless and secure experience for their consumers with the help of innovative solutions and contribute towards making the digital landscape a safe space. To achieve this, technology is going to be the major game changer for the brands. Clean data for better decision making, efficiencies in media, brand infringement are going to be the focus areas. With right technology, brands can imbibe confidence within their marketing teams and hence, we are also aligned for same cause with “Advertise Fearlessly”. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO, GALF, wellness-tech platform for corporates said, “Hybrid location strategy involving work from home is expected to continue and companies will be putting a lot of focus on technology enabled employee’s wellness and engagement solutions. We have observed that wearables or fitness tracker watches have also increasingly become significant for employees to monitor vital parameters like stress levels, SPO2, HRM and BP. Biometriocs based, UADAI linked centralised health data storage and dashboards for resident Indians is expected to take more central role. 2022 has been an important milestone for GALF with consistent growth and high velocity in online transactions. We have also received our first seed funding from BITS- Pilani Goa as part of the PM Shri Narendra Modi’s StartupIndia initiative. GALF has kicked off its 2023 tech transformation- rebranding journey with a focus on enhanced simplification in customer connect, automation and gamification within our services. We are also working on increasing our adaptability with wearables keeping the GALF ecosystem access largely universal.” Mehul Shah, Founder and Managing Director, Collabera Digital said, “Technology advancements in fields like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and automation have emerged as the fundamental pillars driving global digital transformation now that dynamic transformation is the norm. The increased acceptance from sectors like banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and telecommunications, as well as organisations that are looking to the future and seeking out newer methods to transform business operations to provide superior customer experience, is what is causing the surge in adoption. With its strong ecosystem of global capability centres, engineering, design, and development service providers, and burgeoning startups along with a large & strong talent pool of new-age digital professionals providing ample opportunity to build teams, India has emerged as a major region globally in terms of digital engineering delivery.”