Benefits of AI, machine learning overwhelmingly embraced by CEOs: survey

“Despite some uncertainty, leaders are optimistic that AI and ML will augment their workforce and drive productivity,” said Jim Stratton, chief technology officer at Workday, in a statement.

In fact, the report found that the top three benefits of AI and ML for CEOs are:

  • Increased productivity (39%)
  • Data-driven decision-making (37%)
  • Improved collaboration (35%)

For HR leaders, the three biggest benefits they expect from AI and ML are:

  • Increased productivity (34%)
  • Improved collaboration (33%)
  • Data-driven decision-making (29%)
    Increased revenue and profits (29%)

The findings come as 71% of leaders said the global business landscape will be affected by AI and ML in the next three years, while 64% believe their organisation will see its impact.

Unprepared organisations, staff

Despite the optimism from business leaders on the benefits of AI and ML, nearly half (49%) of CEOs said their organisation is unprepared to adopt the technology due to a lack of some or all the tools, skills, and knowledge to integrate them.